Monday, May 31, 2010

Daily project for 30 days

Paper: Matte white around 110gsm
Size: A7 (74mm × 105mm)
Pen: Black POSCA PC-1M (0.7mm)

Daily drawing is not a trend and for this reason, I also wanted to try something to challenge myself and to see how endure I am.

To start, I have set myself to draw everyday for a month since 29-05-2010 and see how the 30 doodles will look like. Really looking foward to see them all spread on the table!

For more you can check it on my new blog Americo Daily Doodle.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Macao Annual Art Exhibition.

4 submitted canvas

Together with other artists

Example of one of my favourite sculpture. It has two faces in front and back.

Another interesting sculpture showing the motor driving scene of Macao.

2010 Macao Annual Art Exhibition is an important programme as part of the Macao Arts Festival. I tried so submit something every year to participate in this event.

In 2007, my artwork TYPE-FACE-RECIPE was awarded as 10 best entries of the exhibition.

Then in the next coming years 2008 and 2009, I also submit some of my artworks, but none were selected nor even for the exhibition, this proves that the judge are very tough for the quality of the works.

This year 2010, I tried once more by submitting 4 canvas of my previous solo exhibition UNKNOW - A Miracle Vision, and finally I was selected for the exhibition and be part of this important yearly arts events.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Toe Fluff submission

This is my friendly design submission for Toe Fluff designed by Steve Rack from UK.

Steve Rack is a character artist and the creator of the site that is a place to collect interesting character art around the world.

He is going to organize an exhibition based on the character Toe Fluff and the invited or selected artist/designer will take part on the show. Hope my design will be there too.

Since this is a show for helping people, I decided to give him a hand by designing one Toe Fluff for the event and the profits will be donated to The Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.

Till now, its around 80 submissions, which means there's more than 80 different Toe Fluff to feed your eyes. Human creativity is really amazing, just using one character as base can produce so many different ones with different styles!

Keep it working Steve!!!


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