Thursday, April 23, 2009

Proudest school work (final year)

Think before you ...

A series of poster that I designed for student poster design competition while I was still studying at Kent Institute of Art and Design (KIAD).

This is one of the proudest school work that I have done and now looking it back, my works are already very illustrative and not relying in photos and special effects. Maybe one of the reason is because my computer was not powerful enough at that time.

I may say that the posters were a try out of making in a series. I remembered at the begining I only design the first one, and then the tutor asked me to develop more to make a series and still being the same style under my signature.

At end I designed a poster in a series of 3, kept the house as main image and the title strong and bold.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love Your Earth 2007

Proof Read b4 Brint!

Found this poster design competition online with the theme of raising awareness of the environmental issues organised by designboom.

My design reflects to my everyday work which is designing, printing, proof reading and then printing again. This continuous non-stop and repetitive process keeps going and I am very regretted about the waste and wanted to bring my respect to the nature, forest and paper industry.

If you want to see other winners, please visit to the website of designboom. It's worth a visit!

2007 Macao Annual Art Exhibition


A series of poster that was included in the list of 10 best entries for 2007 Macao Annual Art Exhibition.

I am confidence that I could win or be selected for the group exhibition, but didn't expect to be 10 best entries of the exhibition.

These series show the everyday use of typeface can have a lot of possibilities to transform into different kind of icons with full of expressions.

Poster design contest for CCAC in 2002

Poster design for CCAC in 2002

Long time ago, I applied for a poster design competition for CCAC in 2002 while I was still in UK.

Because I like to use types as main image during that time and being influenced by European typographic design, I put a big Chinese character 完 (end in English) together with a meaningful slogan saying that "Corruption, end of everything!".

This design let me feel the taste of sucess in poster design because I received an Honourable Mention.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good 50 x 70 2007

Poster for Good 50 x 70 2007 submission

In 2007 I submitted a poster with the theme of WAR for the yearly poster design event Good 50 x 70. The name of the event came from the size of a standard poster which is 50x70cm.

This event aims for wakening the creative community that we are still facing a lot of social problems and we should start doing something to provent those problems.

It has a variety of themes under the project: AIDS, Environmental Damage, Human Rights Violation, Underdevelopment, War, etc.

My poster is designed in a cartoonist style to make it acceptable to general public and easy to understand. The title is "Crush all the weeds", if we don't crush, WAR, fighting, violence, blood, weapon will continue to be expanded.

Monday, April 20, 2009

First International Award! 2003

First International Award for a stamp design.

First international award in 2003 in which I have to design a postage stamp for Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Post and Telecommunications, Japan.

I received an Honourable Mention by post and I couldn't believe that I won an award in Japan! That's very important to me and meaningful, because this means that I am getting closer to an international level.

The brief was asked to design a stamp with a theme to remember Hiroshima Memorial Hall (the Atomic Bomb Dome). This is one of my experimental works to make one line drawing without breaking it. There you can see a Human which is represented with line drawing protecting the world and then a bomb flying to the direction of Japan.

Wedding card design to my cousin in 2003

Wedding card design

A wedding gift to my cousin when she got married in 2003. This was really a tremendous experience when I was in UK, because they were in Macau and it was very difficult to explain to them directly what I want and how to show them, because in my point of view, touching and feeling the weight and texture of the card is very important, now thinking it back, my cousin really took some risks at choosing my design.

The idea of the design was playing with typography, as that time I was in love to design things with types. Inside the image of the heart, there is the name of the couple.

Wedding card to my friend

Wedding card design

A wedding gift to my best friend back to 2003. I used the fingerprints as its main concept and the cover of the card was hand mounted to make a feel of artistic touch. Not many people realize that the fingerprints have the names of the couple on it, means they cannot escape of this marriage. haha

Thank You poster in 2003/04

Thank you! From Ou Mun.

One of the top 10 entries poster design competition organised by Cultural Affairs Bureau welcoming the visit of international well-known Japanese graphic designer Mr. Shigeo Fukuda to Macau. His style is about playing with optical illusion, with that in mind, I also did a try on this style by making a Thank You poster to his visit. Two silhouettes of Ruins of St. Paul’s pointing each other and made the initial of “M” which means Macau.

Trexi design 2007

Lampada-Man for Trexi "A Better Tomorrow"

Coca-Cola and Play Imaginative organised an international toy design competition in 2007 to design a new series of Trexi "A Better Tomorrow".

Being a super fan of the brand and child mind adult, this is a good opportunity for me to have some fun. For that reason, I decided to have a try at doing something not my strong discipline. Drawing and illustration is not really my cup of tea, but because this is for Coca-Cola and for toys, I cannot resist to this temptation.

My design was selected to be produced because was rated as top 15 to produce into real toy together with 10 other well-known designers and this was my first time to receive an award not based in paper but in a 3D object.

My trexi is called Lampada-Man, because I want to incorporate some Portuguese influence in it so I matched the word Lampada which means a lightbulb with Man, just to make it sounds like a superhero from American comics.

The new toy which is out to the market for a while already is a bit of my reflection and here it is the brief introduction of my design: "Lâmpada-Man is a fan of Coca-Cola which born to believe knowledge, ideas, creativity, innovation & eager to break boundaries can bring a better tomorrow. Even though he is smart & clever, he is also very shy and always afraid what he creates will not be accepted by general public."

MGTO What's On

Heading of "What's On"

MGTO "What's On" Nº70, 4/2009

My exhibition was also published at the monthly newsletter of Macau Government Tourist Office "What's On" both in English and Chinese edition.

Day of Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Language Community 2007

Poster design, June 2007

As I am a Portuguese born and living in Macau, I cannot find an excuse not to apply for this poster design competition held two years ago in 2007 by Instituto Português do Oriente.

For this purpose, I designed a poster for myself and for the Portuguese community to join together. What I wanted to do is that I design the basic image of the poster and the rest let the Portuguese community to fill in phrases about being Portuguese, what they think on the day, how great was the people of discoveries, etc. Everything about and related to Portugal.

The end result of the poster cannot predict, because everyone that I asked for help have different thoughts about what to write and what to say.

Finally the outcome of the poster is in this post and if you are interested to see the winning poster, you can visit the site of IPOR.

News at Tribuna Macau

10th March 2009

I had a tele-interview by Raquel Carvalho from Tribuna Macau to talk about my first solo exhibition.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Poster design with the theme of TRADITION

Don't Panic Poster - TRADITION

This is for a monthly poster design competition organised by Don't Panic. Each month will select one winner for the publication. You can take a look at the above link if you are interested.

I applied once in March 2008 and the result was quite good, my poster was nearly be chosen for the publication. But unfortunately.......

Here's the concept behind my poster. "The tradition of head-to-head conversation is outdated. The common way of conversation @ this era is head-to-monitor in which the monitor is represented in a square head at far end corner of the poster, while the rest is illustrated with a variety of hairstyles that means different people from different background, customs, culture, traditions, habits, style, etc, all queuing to talk with the square box."

Friday, April 17, 2009

2nd International Poster Competition "AntiAIDS - Ukraine" in 2007

A series of posters designed for
"2nd International Poster Competition "AntiAIDS - Ukraine"
in 2007.

My design didn't get any awards, but gave me a chance to be exhibited in Ukraine because it was selected as 214 out of other 650 posters. I am satisfied already to be included in the list and be the only one from Macau too.

As living in Macau, Chinese and Western cultures didn't clash to each other, but on the other hand, they are harmonised to each other and I grew up in this duo-cultural environment.

The posters has a mix of Chinese and Western knowledge and influence.

To begin, the posters have two icons representing male and female. The head is represented by Yin/Yan symbol, the bottom as the traditional icon of male and female (cross and arrow).

Then the title is "What's the response?" In Chinese, normally replies as Yin or Yan, but for Westerners could be Yes or No or even Positive or Negative, that's why I added the symbols of plus and minus, doing that, the posters can hang side by side or alone.

To see my posters you can visit here or if you are interested to see this year's winner of the same competition please visit the official site.

My World in the CCI

Courtesy of Creative Macau

Group exhibition at Creative Macau in July 2005.

For this exhibition "My World in the CCI" I submitted a poster for warming smokers. I used the Chinese term "eating cigarette" for my concept and designed a one day meal made of cigarettes.

For breakfast is a bowl of corn flakes made of cigarettes, lunch is sandwich with cigarettes and dinner is omellete cigarette with potatoes and salad.

It's a head scratch, isn't it? 2008

Group Exhibition organised by Creative Macau
from 26th March ~ 9th April 2008.

This is a photomontage experimentation work for a group exhibition at Creative Macau with the title "It's a head scratch, isn't it?". I made an image manipulation by overlapping different pictures of Macau's windows and doors to have a painting effect.

Banner of Unknown - A Miracle Vision Exhibition 2009

Size of the banner is 290cm(H) and 60cm(W)
There's a story behind about the banner design of the exhibition. There's two stages from beginning to the end product.

To make the design consistent with the whole image of the exhibition, the first try out of the design was using the characters that I designed shown in the exhibition to form the title of UNKNOWN.

After leaving the design for few weeks, then start to work again because need to submit the design to the production house, I felt something not doing properly and smooth on the design.

The design structure of the whole banner is like a mess! Wordings, titles, dates, logos, characters (main image), all are clashing to each other and too colourful, its difficult for the reader to read the title of the exhibition.

For that reason, I decided to redesign the whole banner and make it more impact, more readable, cleaner and also easy to take photograph by using one of my secret character which is my self-portrait.

Now the end product is much better than the one created before. Stronger, bolder, cleaner and even cutier because of the big eyes. The black character is flipped to make it some kind of naughtynes and strange, just to give the banner and the exhibition itself more lively.

Mascot design competition for SWB for MSAR Government 2008

After many months of practising character design in my own time, it's time to prove what level my skills are.

For that reason, I applied for a mascot design competition for Social Welfare Bureau of MSAR Governement last year in 2008 and got awarded as 1st runner-up in open category.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2008 - 40 under 40

Cover of PERSPECTIVE magazine august 2008 and the
award of 40 under 40

Courtesy of PERSPECTIVE magazine august 2008

I was awarded by PERSPECTIVE magazine of Hong Kong as one of their '40 under 40’ designer in the field of Graphic Design in 2008.

"40 under 40 is Perspective Magazine’s spotlight on the generation of talented individuals who will lead Asia’s design industry in the next two decades, presenting a selection of 40 design professionals under the age of 40 that represent a cross section of the creative industry. This year's group of creative talents from Hong Kong, Greater China and the Asia Pacific region, was shortlisted after an in depth study and analysis of their accomplishments, as well as upon recommendation from practicing professionals and peers. The 40 selected designers will be profiled in the August issue of Perspective Magazine." (PERSPECTIVE august 08)

For more about "40 under 40" please visit:

Coverage at Hoje Macau 08-04-2009

I was tele-interviewed by Alexandra Lages from Hoje Macau newspaper the day before the opening of my exhibition Unknown - A Miracle Vision on 7th April while I was building up the settings of the exhibition at Creative Macau.

Coverage at Macau Daily Times

Interview by journalist Natalie Leung from Macau Daily Times at the opening ceremony of my first solo exhibition on 8th April 2008.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Explaining the logo

I used the colour that I like most for the logo of the exhibition, blue (C100 + M36), because this is mysterious and intellectual.

The silhouette of a character is my self-portrait and is only released or uncovered on the day of opening to make it unknown.

The word unknown in the logo was written in a different way, i used the uncommon way of reading the word using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) that we used normally in the dictionary. When we look for a word, don't you see some strange words or alphabets that teach the way the word is pronounce? That's a phonetic alphabet based on latin alphabet.

By doing that, I showed already how uncommon this exhibition is going to be and this can be what so called Unknown.

Poster for Unknown - A Miracle Vision 2009

After few months of hard work at creating character design, finally it's time for the exhibition day. Here a big thank you to Creative Macau inviting me to show up my "unknown" creativity to the public.

The title is Unknown and it means a lot to me. Can be unknown territory, unknown exploration, unknown talent, unknown way, unknown not always represent a negative aspect. Here I name the title Unknown, because for one reason, I couldn't find a proper name by the time need to submit relevant information to the center and two, because even myself cannot really categorise what field of creativity my creations belong. Can be illustration, graphic design, icon design, cartoon, animation and many more.


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