Friday, April 17, 2009

Banner of Unknown - A Miracle Vision Exhibition 2009

Size of the banner is 290cm(H) and 60cm(W)
There's a story behind about the banner design of the exhibition. There's two stages from beginning to the end product.

To make the design consistent with the whole image of the exhibition, the first try out of the design was using the characters that I designed shown in the exhibition to form the title of UNKNOWN.

After leaving the design for few weeks, then start to work again because need to submit the design to the production house, I felt something not doing properly and smooth on the design.

The design structure of the whole banner is like a mess! Wordings, titles, dates, logos, characters (main image), all are clashing to each other and too colourful, its difficult for the reader to read the title of the exhibition.

For that reason, I decided to redesign the whole banner and make it more impact, more readable, cleaner and also easy to take photograph by using one of my secret character which is my self-portrait.

Now the end product is much better than the one created before. Stronger, bolder, cleaner and even cutier because of the big eyes. The black character is flipped to make it some kind of naughtynes and strange, just to give the banner and the exhibition itself more lively.

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