Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good 50 x 70 2007

Poster for Good 50 x 70 2007 submission

In 2007 I submitted a poster with the theme of WAR for the yearly poster design event Good 50 x 70. The name of the event came from the size of a standard poster which is 50x70cm.

This event aims for wakening the creative community that we are still facing a lot of social problems and we should start doing something to provent those problems.

It has a variety of themes under the project: AIDS, Environmental Damage, Human Rights Violation, Underdevelopment, War, etc.

My poster is designed in a cartoonist style to make it acceptable to general public and easy to understand. The title is "Crush all the weeds", if we don't crush, WAR, fighting, violence, blood, weapon will continue to be expanded.

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