Monday, April 20, 2009

Day of Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Language Community 2007

Poster design, June 2007

As I am a Portuguese born and living in Macau, I cannot find an excuse not to apply for this poster design competition held two years ago in 2007 by Instituto Português do Oriente.

For this purpose, I designed a poster for myself and for the Portuguese community to join together. What I wanted to do is that I design the basic image of the poster and the rest let the Portuguese community to fill in phrases about being Portuguese, what they think on the day, how great was the people of discoveries, etc. Everything about and related to Portugal.

The end result of the poster cannot predict, because everyone that I asked for help have different thoughts about what to write and what to say.

Finally the outcome of the poster is in this post and if you are interested to see the winning poster, you can visit the site of IPOR.

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