Monday, April 20, 2009

Trexi design 2007

Lampada-Man for Trexi "A Better Tomorrow"

Coca-Cola and Play Imaginative organised an international toy design competition in 2007 to design a new series of Trexi "A Better Tomorrow".

Being a super fan of the brand and child mind adult, this is a good opportunity for me to have some fun. For that reason, I decided to have a try at doing something not my strong discipline. Drawing and illustration is not really my cup of tea, but because this is for Coca-Cola and for toys, I cannot resist to this temptation.

My design was selected to be produced because was rated as top 15 to produce into real toy together with 10 other well-known designers and this was my first time to receive an award not based in paper but in a 3D object.

My trexi is called Lampada-Man, because I want to incorporate some Portuguese influence in it so I matched the word Lampada which means a lightbulb with Man, just to make it sounds like a superhero from American comics.

The new toy which is out to the market for a while already is a bit of my reflection and here it is the brief introduction of my design: "Lâmpada-Man is a fan of Coca-Cola which born to believe knowledge, ideas, creativity, innovation & eager to break boundaries can bring a better tomorrow. Even though he is smart & clever, he is also very shy and always afraid what he creates will not be accepted by general public."

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