Friday, April 17, 2009

2nd International Poster Competition "AntiAIDS - Ukraine" in 2007

A series of posters designed for
"2nd International Poster Competition "AntiAIDS - Ukraine"
in 2007.

My design didn't get any awards, but gave me a chance to be exhibited in Ukraine because it was selected as 214 out of other 650 posters. I am satisfied already to be included in the list and be the only one from Macau too.

As living in Macau, Chinese and Western cultures didn't clash to each other, but on the other hand, they are harmonised to each other and I grew up in this duo-cultural environment.

The posters has a mix of Chinese and Western knowledge and influence.

To begin, the posters have two icons representing male and female. The head is represented by Yin/Yan symbol, the bottom as the traditional icon of male and female (cross and arrow).

Then the title is "What's the response?" In Chinese, normally replies as Yin or Yan, but for Westerners could be Yes or No or even Positive or Negative, that's why I added the symbols of plus and minus, doing that, the posters can hang side by side or alone.

To see my posters you can visit here or if you are interested to see this year's winner of the same competition please visit the official site.

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